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Tools and Resources I Use and Recommend to Start a Work at Home Business

On this page, you will find links to the resources that I use on a daily basis. I’ve only listed the resources that I actively use and that are responsive. Some are free to join. However, as with all online advertising resources, maximum benefit comes from upgrading.

I suggest starting out slowly and add to your advertising portfolio as your budget and time allow. This list can look daunting to someone just starting out. Don’t be overwhelmed by it. It’s not like you have to go through all of this tonight and have it all up and running tomorrow. Remember to take each task one step at a time.

This page is designed to be a reference page … a place you can return to again and again as you look for new techniques and tools to add to your marketing. If you’re just starting out to work from home online … it’s a BUSINESS just like any other business. Just like a carpenter, electrician, secretary or beautician requires tools for their trade, an online internet marketer needs tools to build a successful online work at home-based business. There’s a large learning curve here and you need to GIVE YOURSELF Time to take it One Step At A Time.

Newbies! BEST OnlineTraining !

The following are services and resources to help you get started with internet marketing.

Tools To Life – This is ONE MUST HAVE TOOL for everyone … whether you are building a business or not. This resource can help you change your life and help you create the life you want… Get started on a journey to create your life and make it anything YOU want it to be. Free system designed by life coach, Devlyn Steele.  JOIN

The World Clock – Time Zone Converter
Select the month, the day, the year, and the time.
Then select for location….Canada-Ontario-Toronto.
Then select the location you are in and hit the convert time button…..voila……you now have the date and time of the meeting in your time zone. You can use this for any meeting you may have.

Internet Marketing Simplified – An Entire Year of TrainingInternet TV Traffic

Internet TV Traffic is an advertising site and features the original 52 Week training series from Russell Brunson called Dot.Com Training. You’ll generate plenty of ultra- targeted visitors each week to your business or product from the world’s top search engines, without paying the ongoing high cost of pay-per-click advertising. This training is ONLY the best from the one and only Russel Brunson, literally 100s of hours.
You have to check this out.

The Newbie Club – For continuing education after your Internet TV Traffic Videos courses, join the Newbie Club and learn all you need about computers and the Internet. For the true Newbie, this will round out your education. Extensive courses available, from beginner to advanced. Web Hosting, Autoresponders, Guestbooks, Tutorials, eBooks,Courses, Articles, Newsletter, and LOW COST Technical Problem solving. The Newbie Club has it all and more – all in Newbie-Speak. Visit the Best and most laid back Newbie learning Website ever to hit the Web.
Membership is FREE but the benefits are priceless! – JOIN

WebGraphics – It’s not just 1000’s of graphics and images but incredible profit pulling Power point templates, video broadcast skins and so much more…   JOIN

GIMP –  Graphics Editing…Free program and easy to use. JOIN

How to get free graphics.

The Online Techniques Blogging Workshop Is A Series Of Nicely Produced And Edited Videos … Featuring Internet Marketing and Blogging Expert Steve Gaghagen.  You’ll Learn How To Configure Your Blog … …To Actually Draw Traffic
Visit Us On The Web.



Open Office – Microsoft Office is the standard for computer Office Suites software. It contains programs for word processing, Spreadsheets, presentations … everything you need to run a small business that’s computer based.

It comes at a COST of $400+! is from Sun Microsystems. It was developed by a group of “counter culture” dudes who have duplicated Microsoft Office … never coming close enough to Microsoft’s programming to get in trouble for it … and the result is Open Office!

It’s a complete office suite … duplicating Microsoft Office in every way you’ll ever notice … but with one difference … IT’S FREE. That’s right … free … when you download it … and always.

They update the program all the time … and the updates are free as well. It’s been around for over 10 years now … no bugs … it’s great! Get your FREE copy of OpenOffice –

EditPlus is a basic text editor. “EditPlus is a text editor, HTML editor, PHP editor, Java editor and Hex Viewer for Windows. While it can serve as a good Notepad replacement, it also offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers.”

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials is totally Free website for learning the basics and advanced level html editor. (HTML XHTML CSS JavaScript XML XSL ASP SQL ADO VBScript). Learn HTML online with a step by step guide on basic HTML and web design fundamentals for the absolute beginner. Learn your html from here:

RoboForm – Password Manager Program – Keeps track of all of my logins, usernames and passwords, so I don’t have to. (Try it free.) One click navigates you to the site, enters your information … and gets you inside. The most incredible time-saver in Internet-Marketing. The FREE version works great and lets you store a lot of web page Logins, but eventually it will ask you to upgrade to Pro. It’s a one time charge of $29.95 and they update you forever. It’s the best thirty dollars I’ve ever spent. – RoboForm

GoodSync – This is a companion to RoboForm. It’s software that allows you to store all of your important information, documents, pictures … even all your RoboForm Login files … so that you will NEVER lose them. This is great for anybody who is concerned about losing your data in a computer crash … or simply if you want to access your data from another computer. It stores all your information in an online secure server so you never lose your passwords or important docs in a computer crash, and you can access them from any other computer. Like RoboForm, it’s Free to download, but when you get to a certain amount of information you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version to keep on using it. – GoodSync

NOTE: If you purchase the Pro version of RoboForm, you get $10 off the purchase of GoodSync at the same time.

MLMTaxHelper SoftwareEliminates the Tax Nightmare of Your MLM Business AND Helps You Claim Every Tax Deduction you are Legally Entitled To Resulting in a Potential Windfall of Tax Savings. I have used this awesome MLM Tax Helper software since 2008.   JOIN


Marketing Systems – Funded Systems

It’s not the product, the service, or the opportunity … in fact, it’s not ANYTHING you’re selling or promoting that’s going to be the thing that guarantees your success.  It’s the SYSTEM you use to work online.

If you want to make money on the Internet you need to have a comprehensive and DUPLICATEABLE system to promote your business. Duplication is the key to success online. The people you bring into your business must be able to do the same things you’re doing to succeed.

The system must also contain full TRAINING. If you’re just starting out you might not know everything there is to know … you might not be ready to teach your new business partners yourself. You need a system that will do that for you! If you’re a seasoned marketer … you don’t have time to teach each new business partner individually. You need a system that will do most of that for you.

You want to make sure that there is good, solid training available. You also want to make sure that training is available in both LIVE and RECORDED forms … AND … you want to make sure the trainers are top notch.

There are THREE SYSTEMS I use and recommend. Here’s information on each and how to get your own:

Second Income Coach – is a Funded Proposal and Funded Sponsoring System the brain-child Gerry Schroeder and partner Janet Legere, experienced Top Network Marketers and coach. Whether you are an Internet Marketer, Network Marketer, MLMer, Direct Sales Associate, Affiliate Marketer, Small Business Owner or a total Newbie, SIC was made for you.

Second Income Coach or SIC is a complete and fully customizable marketing system that not only provides users with the best resources, but IT IS also a magnificent top-notch Network and Internet Marketing training System. It was developed by savvy active online marketers. Learn internet and network marketing strategies to create unlimited targeted leads and earn a Second Income working from home office. Perfect for newbie’s and seasoned marketers.  SIC contains full training for the Newbie, and many “Downline Builders” that will help you create what every Internet marketer really wants … Multiple Streams Of Income!

The system is free to use. The best thing is that the SecondIncomeCoach system is GENERIC. It works with ANY online business … you don’t need to join mine to make it work for you! So, if you already have a business or opportunty you want to promote … SecondIncomeCoach is perfect! You just plug in your own business … and GO!
Follow this link to find out all about it: SecondIncomeCoach

TrafficLeads2IncomeCreate your own customizable marketing system?

* Unparalled Support and Training including Voice ‘Support’ Room, Weekly Conference, Networking Forum and Video Tutorials!
* Your own list building lead capture page, compatible with all of todays most popular autoresponders!
* Affiliate Toolbox including pre-written letters for your autoresponder!
* A customizable downline builder which you can add or subtract programs of YOUR choice!
* An easily followed Step by Step process that ties your lead capture page, downline builder, and autoresponder
into a powerful marketing system!
* Up to 75% Commissions on all sales!

We have a 24-7 Skype Support Group, a Forum, and a weekly conference every Sunday at 9pm est.

Your success is here, the question is, will you choose to accept it. Here’s hoping you do! We’ll be waiting…Join

ContactListBuilder  – Introducing Contact List Builder, an Integrated Learning and Mentoring System created by Janet Legere that has proven to deliver profitable results time and time again. The Contact List Builder lays out in every detail the online marketing system that returns remarkable results.

The real key to reaching success online is to have a focused plan of action, and to actually put that plan into action. A plan of action focused on YOUR Goals and YOUR abilities! Surround yourself by experts – people who are where you want to be, and join a team seriously after the same goal – Join.

A BIT OF ADVICE: If you’re new at marketing online, I would start with only one system … especially if you don’t as yet have a mailing list of your own. I would choose one system and stick with that until you have at least 2,000 people on your mailing list.




Global Virtual Opportunity … GVO … is a company that I recommend to EVERYONE.

Every tool you would ever need is right here!

All of these incredible marketing tools are all included:

– unlimited responders
– web conferencing
– lead capture and prospecting systems
– video producing package
– downtime witness

Make your life simple by having everything at your finger tips all under one very simple account!

I started and immediately began saving $260 in my first month!

Read on if you want to do the same …

Are you paying for any of these services?

* Hosting your domains (normally $10 – $25 a month each, and up)
* Auto-responders ($25 and increases based on your list size)
* Video Lead Capture System ($100 a month and more)
* Webcast conferencing ($69 per month and up)
* Competition Witness ( $39 per month and up)
* Prospecting systems ($25 per month and up)

What are your actual costs per month?

What if I could show you a way to pay ONE low monthly fee for ALL these services and more?

One place – one login – one access – EVERYTHING YOU NEED to market your business effectively online.

GVO and I are here to help you grow.

Click here to learn more . you can start today for a 14 Day FREE Web Hosting Trial!

Get immediate access to all the tools above.

GVO has changed the landscape of Web Hosting and Internet Marketing forever…
I personally use them for all my marketing needs…


GVOconference – Video Web Conferencing – It is LIVE in Five languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and German.
How would you like your own online conference room where you can meet with family, friends or business partners, anywhere in the world.  You can arrange a family meeting or hold a business meeting without leaving your home.
NOW, you can get a 50 Seat Video Web Conference room for just $8.97 per month.

Every room includes the following features:
* 50 Seats
* Full Video
* Desktop Sharing
* File Sharing
* Power Point
* Live Show
* Browser
* Whiteboard
* Recording
All this for just $8.97 per month. Check it out here.

Globally affordable.  Because of the price point business entrepreneurs ALL over the world can finally afford this opportunity and are jumping on board! Others are Charging 10 times More for this Industry Changing Product.



TrafficZipper – Viral Safelist Submitter, allows you to manage your mailings through any of the List Builder programs currently supported. – JOIN 

ViralMailProfits -The Direct Feedback Mailer is a credit-based viralmailer that builds you a list on almost total hands-free autopilot all completely free.  JOIN


A note on Safelists. When joining Safelists, you will be asked for two email addresses. One for an admin address (so the Safelist owner can contact you, also know as your contact email address), and one for your subscribe address (the email address that will receive all the safelists emails from the other safelist members). Make  sure your subscribe address is not your main business account, or you may never dig yourself out.

The key with safelists is to stick with using a splash page. Of course you’ll want to create a nice headline, a good body, but the link they click in your email needs to be a splash page to your list. Then they’ll only have one thing to do: subscribe.

Business World List – Over 60,000 members, includes extra features such as Ad-Announce which is highly responsive – JOIN

Herculist – 40,000+ responsive members – JOIN

AdTactics – One of the most responsive free lists online. The upgrade makes it REALLY good – JOIN

AdSolutionOnline – Two mailers, one credit-based. Very similar to AdTactics … good results here as well – JOIN



List Joe – Unique responsive list as well as a downline builder for several lists. This is one of the most responsive groups out there, and one of my favorite advertising sources. If you want to upgrade in something … this is the one to do it in first. I get many signups in my business through LJ! – JOIN

AdChiever – There are dozens of achievement levels and more and more are constantly added to give you greater rewards.  JOIN

InstantBlogSubscribers – Automatically get your message sent out to hundreds|thousands of prospects, simply by making a blog post.  JOIN

SOAM – The Most Responsive Viral Mailer System On The Internet!   JOIN

ListJumper – This one’s FUN and very effective! – JOIN

ListQuick – This one’s cool … and you get to do a lot of mailing even with only a free account. – JOIN

TheListAuction – this is a very responsive list. I find it works very well. – JOIN

ListBandit – I’ve been a member here for years, and never fail to mail to the list. Very responsive. – JOIN

YourLuckyList – Responsive members as well, when you upgrade you receive personal leads that you can download and add to your list. – JOIN

TheListMachine – Similar concept to YourLuckyList; responsive members, but you really need to be upgraded in this one or else refer a lot of people there. – JOIN

Blast4Traffic – Email 70 MILLION Targeted – Opt-In Prospects Every Month! That’s 2.3 MILLION Every Day!  JOIN



Below are some killer places for you to do a solo-mailing if you don’t have your own list!

Try a solo-ad on these right now.

Top Surfer – My #1 recommendation. They do solo ads, banners, newsletter ads, and MORE!

SoloAdsOnly – responsive with monitored email publishers to send out your mailing and affiliate link.

Ezines-R-Us – buy a solo ad from them or a full classified ad.

WebStars2K – email lists used since 1999 sourced from many internet marketers.

2BucksAds – family-owned with some good lists.

DirectyofEzines – join and see secret sources of where to place your solo ads.

SRDS Media – choose the consumer magazine solutions and email lists.

EzineAdsNet – varied place and varied email lists to run.

Home Biz List – please test their quality performance guarantee.


NewPaper Advertising

BigCityAdvertising – Login & submit your ads to multiple North America  newspapers  –  (NewsPapers)



Rent-a-List – From the same family as Business World List, you’ll find highly responsive advertising resources here. This is a pay for service resource, and it’s one of the very best around. A large part of my business has been built using RAL. – JOIN

AddClickMedia – Pay per Click and lots more from the folks who brought you BusinessWorldList and Rent-A-List. This is a GREAT program that brings you both prospects and cash – JOIN

DownlineBuilderDirect – This is a very responsive list. I find it works very well  JOIN

LeadGusher – Works ok if you just set it up and forget it. Works GREAT if you promote it . – JOIN

RevenueMagic – Different kinds of advertising from one source. Lots of bells and whistles. – JOIN

Free Ad Depot – Unique advertising resource created by Jane and Phil of JPE Advertising. Been around a long time and still works great. – JOIN

Target Ads Depot – Another Unique resource by JPE Advertising – JOIN

CrocAds – One more from JPE. This one is also unique and kinda fun. It’s no croc! – JOIN

MailingAdsDepot – Another great advertising source. Kind of unique. –  JOIN



Note on Traffic Exchanges: For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, you can maximize your return on surfing time by using the browser tabs to surf all your traffic exchanges at once. This is true on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Spend about 45 minutes a day surfing all of the following exchanges, moving along from one tab to the next, and you’ll drive tons of traffic to your websites.

TeBrower -A Simple but Powerful management System Organizes All Your TE Accounts  JOIN

TeToolBox – Link Tracker…pinpoint exactly which traffic exchanges or safelists are getting you great signup rates?   JOIN

PageSwirl – PageSwirl isn’t just another site rotator, membership base now reaching 66161 members.   JOIN

Web Biz Insider – Traffic Exchange and downline builder – JOIN

ListSurfing – Newer, fairly responsive Traffic Exchange – JOIN

Traffic Swarm – Responsive Traffic Exchange system. This is the GrandDaddy of them all! – JOIN

TopSurfer – One of the older, but still one of the best TE’s out there. Check out the upgrade offer at the bottom of the page. Very cost effective and LOTS of advantages. – JOIN

EasyHits4U – Very Good Traffic Exchange System – JOIN

TopTierTraffic – Nice system with a short timer – JOIN

Hit2Hit – Good TE from the Netherlands – JOIN

MaxTrafficPro – One of the newer ones. Lots of bells and whistles – JOIN

Sweeva – Social browsing – web site advertising where EVERYONE views the same site at the exact same time. Live feedback from other surfers.  JOIN

PGTraffic – NEW traffic exchange developed by Janet Legere – JOIN

StartXchange – brings the power of traffic exchanges together with social networking to empower you to build your business to new heights! JOIN

ILoveHits –  one of the internet’s oldest and most trusted traffic generating systems! JOIN

TrafficGoldRush– is designed for webmasters, website owners, bloggers, internet and affiliate marketers to exchange visitors with each other.  JOIN

SwatTraffic – was created by successful marketers for marketers of all experience levels.   JOIN

TezakTrafficPower -Laser-Targeted Traffic Generation System brings you quality traffic in no less than eleven, yes ELEVEN different ways  JOIN

Traffic-Splash – is already top ranked by Affiliate Funnel Surfers Choice, Hit Exchange News and Traffic Hoopla and is growing fast with 118411 members already.   JOIN

HISafarihas been the top ranked manual traffic exchange since 2003, delivering quality high targeted traffic.  JOIN

TrafficSoldiers – Traffic Soldiers is an advertising community that if used correctly will help you Brand Your Business, Build Your Email List and most importantly Increase Traffic to your Website. JOIN

TopHits4U -is a new Traffic Exchange, quickly becoming a major player in the TE world.  JOIN

TopFlightTraffic – is a new Traffic Exchange, growing quickly. JOIN

RealHitz4U – NEW responsive TE. JOIN

DragonSurf – one of the most popular and successful traffic exchanges on the net.   JOIN

WhirlWindTraffic -is ideal for lead capture and branding yourself and|or your products and services.   JOIN



These are some very kewl … and very effective … little puppies! We’re talking hi-tech and very effective. Free Traffic Bar and Desktop Lightning are my favorites, in that order. Get involved with these and you’ll see why I like them so much. If you need help, just let me know.

FreeTrafficBar – I love this little guy. Sits in your browser like a toolbar and is VERY effective. A bit complicated to learn … but ask me. I’ll walk you through it – JOIN

Desktop Lightning – Hi-Tech, fun, and builds a very responsive list. This one is well worth an upgrade, and it’s one of my absolute favorite advertising sources and list builders! – JOIN


Lead sources I recommend … in this order:

Oppseekers Leads – This is the best lead source you’ll find, and one of the least expensive. I particularly like the Canadian Only and the Phone Interviewed Fresh lead packages. If you get yourself on auto-ship, you have a 10% discount on every order. They also run great Specials. This is a service where you pay per package purchased. AND … if you promote it … you can earn commissions that will cover your future purchases. The result … FREE LEADS! – JOIN

Safe-Swaps -Find Honest Ad Swap Partners Quickly and Easily at Safe-Swaps



My Easy Submitting – This is one of the best investments you can make to get your blog capture site … or ANY website you want … found and SEEN on the net. For $14.95 per month, My Easy Submitter will repeatedly submit your web page to over 700,000 search engines, directories, classified sites … and more. That means it will be indexed by the search engines and found by people searching the web for what you have to offer! It’s also a very inexpensive, but very powerful Supplemental Business. This one is a must if you want to really kick your business into overdrive! Working online is all about getting traffic to your website. This is one of the most effective strategies to do just that! – JOIN



Instant Article Wizard created by Jonathan Leger – Think you can’t write an article? Think you can’t do it quickly and efficiently? Jonathan Leger makes it REALLY EASY with this GREAT software. I use it all the time and I love it. Great for the beginner and the accomplished author as well. This softward purchase is well worth the price! – Further Info.

The Best Spinner the companion to the Instant Article Wizard and is interfaced with CopyScape. . Quickly Generate Hundreds Of Unique Versions of Your Articles Using This Revolutionary Software! “The Best Spinner is without doubt the quickest, easiest and most efficient way of generating large quantities of content for SEO
purposes.” Just look at what The Best Spinner can do! Click Here!

ResellRightsFortune – The Largest SEARCHABLE Database of Resell Rights And PLR products on the internet. Get a free account and download Free Products:  JOIN

KillerContent –  The easy-newbie-friendly software will automatically load your sites with targetted content from my own database of 15,000+ articles in 900+ niches…  JOIN

OTOGoldMine – Now You too can use the hidden power of “One Time Offers” on your site…JOIN




Direct Matches – Meet other marketers. Promote your business in a personal way. This is a very powerful tool. MySpace for the business set! – JOIN

AdLandPro – One of the BEST places online to get involved. Meet and network with thousands of other business owners and opportunity seekers. Not just a networking place … this is a site for advertising as well. – JOIN

FaceBook – FaceBook is absolutely free. No affiliate program here. This is just the place with the most of the kind of folks you’ll want to meet and network with – JOIN

MySpace – Not just all teenagers looking to find other teenagers to do things that their parents don’t approve of! There can be a lot more to it than that.  Works … if you use it correctly – JOIN

Twitter –  Meet and network with thousands of other business owners and opportunity seekers.  JOIN

SokuleSokule is like Twitter – but Monitized

ImFacePlateIM faceplate helps you market yourself , your ideas and your products. JOIN

Linkidinjoin 100 million professionals who are sharing connections, ideas, and opportunities.   JOIN

PeopleStringis free to join and all the members earn a portion of 70% of the advertising revenue PeopleString collects.  JOIN



Instant Messengers

If you’re marketing online you want to be available online in Real-Time. Here are the Instant Messenger services I use to stay in touch and prospect online. They’re free to use … just download them and you’re live on the Internet:

MSN Messenger – Communicate with prospects and members online in real time – JOIN

AIM (AOL Messenger) – Communicate with prospects and members online in real time – JOIN

Skype – Phone and instant messenger service – JOIN

Yahoo IM – Straightforward instant messenger service – JOIN



Everything above is something I use almost daily to promote my business and make money online. In fact … most of them PAY ME to use them. That’s how they work. I always think it’s better to use tools that pay me for using them. Additionally, all of these tools WORK. If you’re just getting to know me, you’ll find that I won’t recommend ANYTHING that doesn’t work because everything I recommend I USE AND IT WORKS FOR ME!

So … hope you find something helpful here, and I hope you’ll return again and again. I’m always looking for new things to add to my repertoire (send me anything you think I might be interested in), and this page will be updated often!

Wishing you Success in Internet Marketing!

Joan Beaulieu

Skype: joanbeaulieu2

Internet Home Business Coach


*****Thanks to my online friend and business associate Steve Gaghagen ( for graciously allowing my gleaning aspects of his outline.*****




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